A Guide to Selling Vintage Clothing Online

For those who love shopping for vintage clothes and sifting through piles of garments at thrift stores then it is time to turn this hobby into a profitable business. Selling vintage clothing online is slowly getting popular with sellers all across the globe since it involves selling unique must-have items without any production costs.

This type of eCommerce store is perfect for those who have an eye for bargain and can pick out quality stuff from the ordinary. Even if there are no thrift stores in your area you can order from several suppliers that sell clothes in bulk and it is guaranteed that you will find something splendid which will sell for a good price and offset the cost you incurred.

Vintage is now in style because the old eras are always making a comeback. It is now cool to wear your mom’s clothes or your grandmother’s dresses because they just don’t make them like that anymore. Selling vintage clothing online appeals to those who are old souls and prefer clothing from a time they were not even alive rather than wearing what the brands are passing off as fashion these days. Here is a platform built by Shopify that can really help you sell those clothes online without much efforts. 

Consumers however want to skip the tedious thrift store surfing and want someone else to do the legwork for them which is what makes selling vintage clothing online so profitable.

Consumers rely on vintage merchants to do the tedious sifting, curating a painless shopping experience of only the best items, in the best condition.

 Where to Sell Vintage Clothing Online

There are many stores which allow sellers to list their advertisements for a nominal fee or transaction charges. The most popular one being eBay which are great for selling one of a kind items since it has an online auction system that lets customers put a price on the item. If the item proves to be popular then it could lead to a bidding war and allow sellers to make much more than they had anticipated.


Stand Out from the Competition

There is a lot of competition even for this niche market because a lot of people have banked in on this idea and you are not the first one. To stand out in the crowd you will have to decide what angle and approach you are going to take when setting up your eCommerce store. Focus on a certain brand or decade which will help customers identify you and then create collections that go with the theme. The style you select should resonate with you personally because only then will you be able to make good fashion choices and select items only you would prefer wearing

Choose a Niche

When you are choosing your own niche always make sure that it is not too saturated. If there are already too many sellers selling that particular type of vintage clothing then you might not be able to find success. It is best to check the trends celebrities are following or have followed in the past to get a good idea of what might sell and what wont. After you have done your research you can check whether or not anyone else is selling this kind of clothing.

Write SEO descriptions

Sprinkling in some keywords into your product descriptions will help customers find your store or listing easily. The description should not only be informative telling the buyer all there is to know about the brand, fabric and size and any defects if they are noticeable. The pictures should also be of high quality and preferably of someone modeling the garments rather than them just hanging on a hanger.